You awaken from a night of drinking and reading tweets to find your room is a complete mess. 

Something doesn't feel right..but everything's normal, right? 

(A Twine story written for the GAMES MADE QUICK jam)

Published Jul 07, 2017


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For some reason I had a vibe what was going to happen :D
Nice twist, solid writing.

Wow, I was wrong. There are a lot of little unexplained details that lead the reader (me) to quickly build some assumptions to what was going on, I think that is really clever for such a short little experience. Well done.

I played and played wondering what is going on, then the end happened!

This took a sudden turn. Very fun. Was lost between the bedroom and kitchen/livingroom for a bit, but then I made it outside.

It was fun.

Thumbs up, good stuff :)


Then, suddenly zombies. Gotta be a long day indeed :D

Very intirguing. I like your writing style a lot! Keep up the good work.


thank you very much!