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Written for Gothic Novel Jam 2018

Charles Blackwood happens upon a deed for the cliff-side manor known as Gethen Manor, a manor owned by a former mistress of his, Katherine Thorndale.

Attached to the deed is a letter from Miss Thorndale, expressing how she wishes they'd not drifted apart, and inviting him to live in the manor.

Suspicious, he ventures off to find the manor in a neglected state, the once well-tended garden now an overgrown mess of dead, dried up grass, long wilted trees and odious plant remains.

As he explores the manor, he uncovers the manor's secrets. Secrets that, for him, would be better off forgotten.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsGothic, Horror, Twine


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finally played this, and it was perfect for some late October spookiness :D

Thank you! :D

This was incredibly spooky, great writing!!!!

oh this is so good!! i really do love how you connect stuff! truly felt like at the edge of my seat as i was playing (and it helped that i was eating popcorn too lmao) <3


Thank you so much :)

If you get a creepy invitation to a manor never take it up! ;) I really enjoyed this. Great mood & story - loved the styling too. Thanks for getting involved in the jam.

I like how atmospheric this story is and I really think it will be better if there are sound effects (it will really help more with the atmosphere and the tone. Although, being silent as it is also makes it eerie on its own.)~ I enjoyed it a lot, keep it up and congratulations on finishing this one :)